New web tool CoolPeople Pool offers to clients IT capacities ASAP

Companies are increasingly facing a shortage of IT professionals. This trend will still increase. CoolPeople Pool helps to solve the situation where demand exceeds supply. It offers clients ASAP available candidates in the information technology industry. It significantly speeds up the process of connecting with relevant capacities.


We are launching a career portal with elements of the CoolJobs Social network

CoolPeople launches the next generation of its job portal. The new CoolJobs Social brings a revolutionary change - combining a job portal with social networking functionality. 


CoolPeople and SALESDOCk join forces

CoolPeople SALESDOCk, the most successful companies in their fields, are joining forces to a joint proposition for clients. As of now, they will offer comprehensive services in the area of delivery of relevant traders. This will be valued especially by clients who want to achieve their business goals and lack qualified experts. The new CoolSales service is suitable for both small start-ups and large corporations.


We performer live at the #LiSummit2020

One of the largest and most popular industry conferences #LiSummit2020 took place in mid-September. As the name suggests, the conference focuses on professional network LinkedIn that many of us use. As CoolPeople has become one of the leading innovators in this field, it has been invited to share its strategies with others as a speaker. At the conference on 14 September 2020, CMO of CoolPeople Vilém Terich who devotes a lot of space to the LinkedIn network in his marketing strategy, went to the premises of the Branice brewery as a lecturer. "We are one of the market leaders in our field and profile ourselves as a target group that is numerous on LinkedIn. Thanks to our innovations and newly set processes, we were able to increase our efficiency and visibility, ” Terich explains.


CoolPeople team in Usti nad Labem moved to new office

CoolPeople delivery center in Usti nad Labem moved to new bigger office.


CoolPeople HQ in Slovakia moved to new office

CoolPeople in Slovakia moved to new bigger office in Bratislava.


CoolPeople team in Brno moved to new office

CoolPeople Brno can be newly found on 8th floor of Rozmarýn business center.


CoolPeople presents company values and vision for the next 3 years.

CoolPeople, the largest and fastest growing provider of outsourced IT capacity and related services, presents its newly clearly defined core values and vision for further growth over the next 3 years. All employees of the company have committed to working and communicating in line with them.


CoolPeople and its clients give meaningful Christmas gifts to single parents

Good deeds belong to Christmas, especially at a time when many people are dealing with a literally existential question due to hard times. That's why CoolPeople decided to give its clients a Christmas gift that has real added value. Together, they are helping single parents in need to have a slightly calmer and merrier Christmas this year, so that their children's eyes can also light up at the Christmas tree.


CoolPeople introduces its newly strengthened senior management, a market leader in IT professionals growing rapidly

CoolPeople enters the new year with a newly strengthened senior management team. As of 1 January 2022, they are actively involved in the planned and extensive expansion of the company in the coming years. The market leader thus confirms its long-term market and financial stability, which has been a constant for 17 years. The company's headquarter in Prague continues to manage all activities and branches in Brno, Bratislava, Vienna.