Code of ethics of the company

Company management issues in relation to the established system of social responsibility and ethical conduct this Code of ethics, which is binding for all employees regardless of their employment status and position.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

Employee is obliged to strictly comply with the law and regulations of the Czech Republic related to the activities of the company.

2. Transparency

All company activities are legal and open in order to prevent any fraud. We do not support deception, conflicts of interest and misrepresentation.

Employee is obliged to

  • Reject any interference, coercion, influence, wish or request, which result could be a threat to impartiality in decision making on customer‘s or business partner’s matters.
  • Respect the fact that receiving, requesting, offering and providing bribes or other benefits and/or arranging for someone else is unacceptable in any form, and that in addition to criminal consequences for the offender damages the good name of our company that rejects these practices in any form in principle.

3. Respect for others

Employee is obliged to respect all people regardless of gender, age, health status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, national origin, religious and political beliefs.

4. Responsibility

Employee must be familiar with his duties and responsibilities, thereby minimizing the scope for confusion, conflicts and professional misconduct.

5. Morale and reputation

Employee is obliged to

  • Act honestly and build a good reputation of the company
  • Not to abuse his employment status in dealings with other colleagues
  • Even in his private life to avoid such actions and conduct that could reduce confidence in the eyes of the public

6. Honesty and impeccability

Employee is obliged to

  • Reject any corrupt practices in order to gain an advantage over the competition
  • Always provide the necessary information to public authorities, suppliers, partners and customers
  • Not mislead, do not present partial information and avoid so called accidental omission
  • Base commercial decisions and actions solely on the best interests, it must not be motivated by personal considerations or relationships
  • Consciously do not use proprietary information, processes, materials or techniques developed by other companies that were not released for public use
  • Prefer customer interests before own interests or the interests of third parties and provide competent, independent and impartial service
  • Inform the customer about everything that could affect judgment and the objectivity of services
  • Not to provide services, advice or cooperation leading to the violation or evasion of tax or other customer responsibilities arising from applicable laws

7. Information security

Employee is obliged to

  • Protect all information concerning customers and business partners, obtained in the work
  • Comply with laws and internal regulations of the company relating to the confidentiality and use of personal data

8. Environment

Employee is obliged to

  • Try to minimize any adverse impact on the environment
  • Follow the rules on environmental protection
  • Sort waste and not to pollute the environment in any way
  • Always perform all activities of the company so that the impact on the environment is as gentlest

9. Performance of obligations

Employee is obliged to consistently meet all commitments and obligations.

10. Expertise and professionalism

Employee shall comply with the standards of professional conduct, and shall attend corporate training at all levels and in all areas of business and professionally educate in his field.

11. Openness

Employee has an obligation to behave friendly and open, promote team proceeding. He has the opportunity to express his thoughts, ideas and opinions on everyday events in the company. In the company is supported an open exchange of views between employees in the workplace.