✅ We focus on flexible hiring of external IT experts in the form of bodyshop (IT contracting), which saves you time and money.

💡Get quality and reliable IT capabilities in time for the preparation and implementation of your latest projects.

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How bodyshop works ⬇️

What your company gets:

  • Fast delivery of external IT capacities within 1 week of request 
  • Reaching tens of thousands of IT contractors in the EU 
  • Compensation in case of capacity failure of IT contractors according to defined SLAs
  • Liability insurance up to 100 mil. CZK and the stability of a large company
  • Sophisticated system for efficient administration and reporting
  • Care360° - proactive care system for IT contractors on the project

What your IT contractors get:

  • CoolPeople Club - system for recording work reports and invoicing
  • Discount system to reduce the invoice due date according to your current requirements
  • Self-invoicing option
  • Minimal administration using electronic signatures via DocuSign
  • Fully local support to resolve queries and problems 

Getting started with CoolPeople's Technology external IT capabilities is easy. Our Key Account Manager will take over your requirements and send you suitable and currently available IT contractors within one (1) week. It doesn't matter if you need one or dozens of IT contractors. Within 1 month we can deliver all the IT capacity you need.

The key advantage of bodyshop is that clients get exactly the temporary capacity of IT professionals they currently need for their projects. They don't have to deal with finding, mobilizing and demobilizing them. All of these services are provided by CoolPeople, including all guarantees and warranties. This allows you to focus on your core business and the IT projects you need for your future growth.

About CoolPeople 📝
CoolPeople Technology is the largest provider of outsourced IT capacity and related services in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. It focuses on providing all its clients with the quality IT capacity they need for their projects and operations. The company was founded 17 years ago in Prague. Today, with a turnover of over CZK 2 billion, it is one of the largest in its field.

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