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Our mission is to be flexible in finding the IT capacity our clients need for their projects.

Our passion is to successfully deliver IT professionals for all our clients' projects according to their specific needs. Our team is extremely focused on every client requirement. They do their best to deliver the required IT professionals.

The main goal is long-term, sustainable cooperation based on continuously improving the quality and quantity of delivered services, and on mutual trust between our employees, clients, and IT experts.

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Our mission

In over 15 years on the market, our core values have crystallized. This defines the way we continually strive to fulfill our mission and goals.



Our success is based on the well-functioning collaboration of our team and long-term cooperation with our clients and IT experts.


We work systematically, consistently and sustainably with a vision of long-term cooperation, thanks to which our clients can rely on us today, tomorrow and even in the next 5 years.


Courtesy and fair dealing are our core values for long-term cooperation with clients, IT professionals, employees, and competitors.


Continuous improvement is part of doing things right. Through innovation, we can work with greater quality, quantity, and speed in the long term.


We work quickly and efficiently because speed is key for our clients and candidates.


Our sales department is responsible for client care. Each of our clients has a dedicated Key Account Manager who takes care of all their needs and guarantees all parameters of long-term successful cooperation.

The sourcing department is responsible for our IT professionals. Based on client requirements, they search for suitable and currently available IT experts and present them with specific project parameters, coordinates interviews, and other necessary steps to deliver their capacity to clients' projects.

An important part of our work is the professional presentation of our clients’ IT projects to specific target groups of IT professionals. This is the focus of our Marketing Department. Our long-term goal is to change the established practices in IT recruitment. We want more freedom for IT professionals to choose from a selection of all current IT projects on the market on a single consolidated platform CoolJobs.

IT outsourcing

Our main service is IT outsourcing - body shopping / contracting - and flexible hiring of IT experts for our clients’ projects. The key advantage of an IT body shop is that clients get the exact temporary capacity of IT experts they need for their projects. They don't have to worry about difficult searches, mobilization, and demobilization. CoolPeople will provide all these services including all guarantees and warranties.

Our additional service is IT Recruitment - delivery of IT professionals to work directly for the client. If our client needs an IT expert to become a long-term part of their team, we will find and deliver an appropriate candidate as a recruitment agency service with all standard guarantees. Alternatively, we offer Transfer2Core IT experts who have proven themselves if the client is interested in long-term cooperation.

Another service is Managed Service Provider (MSP) - providing managed services for clients to bring together IT capacity suppliers. These services are more suitable for clients who are interested in unifying their IT capacity suppliers under one supplier with guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs).




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